• simon Arthurs

    simon Arthurs

  • Denis Blaise

    Denis Blaise

  • Jasmine Aguilera

    Jasmine Aguilera

    Enterprise reporter at @dallasnews & Social Justice Correspondent at @yesmagazine. Twenty-first century news lady, aspiring world traveler and political junkie.

  • Margaret Corvid

    Margaret Corvid

    journalist, dominatrix. columnist, @newstatesman. writes all over the shop. socialist, feminist. squawks @mistress_magpie

  • Ian Daniels

    Ian Daniels

  • Sainath Deshpande

    Sainath Deshpande

    Software tester by profession. Tech enthusiast.

  • SAHR


    Our mission is to end impunity for systematic and widespread Sexual and Gender-Based crimes (SGBCs) by practicing the law through a feminist lens.

  • Gautham Pasupuleti

    Gautham Pasupuleti

    CEO & MD at Biodesign Innovation Labs | Forbes India’s Ultimate 120 Pioneers of Change | Winner of CISCO Global Problem Solver Challenge Pandemic Response Prize

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